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Tom Gasek is an award winning stop motion director and character animator with over 27 years of professional experience. He started his career by winning a Student Academy Award with partner Malcolm Spaull for their animated version of Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter." Gasek earned his BFA from the School of Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

As an "animation gypsy", Gasek followed the work from Portland Oregon, Los Angeles and San Francisco California, Miami Florida, Bristol England, to Boston and Lenox Massachusetts. The studios of Will Vinton, Olive Jar, Aardman Animations and Mass Illusion all housed Gasek's talent at one point. He and partner, Elizabeth Buttler started "Sculptoons" in San Francisco during the late 80's and early 90's. Their clients included Nickelodeon, The Oakland Athletics, The California Raisin Commission and Leo Burnett (Chicago). They received several Broadcast Design Awards.

These days Tom Gasek lives in Rochester New York where he teaches at RIT. He continues to work in the animation industry on projects like Aardman’s “Creature Comforts America”, Sony Bravia’s “Play-Doh”, Laika’s “Coraline” and scores of commercial projects for companies like Hornet Inc. in New York and Bent Images Lab in Portland, Oregon. He earned his MFA degree from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2006. He completed his animated film “Off-Line” in 2010 and completed his animated short, “Ain’t No Fish” with British partner Miki Cash in the fall of 2013. This is the second film in a series of animated films for Gasek. His book “Frame by Frame Stop Motion” is one of the only complete resources on non-puppet stop motion techniques.